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Rodrigues is tasted.

Here, cooking is a way of life, a culture, a tradition.
Rodrigues will delight you with its simple and quality cuisine. His creole, mixed-race inspirations, nourished by the external contributions but especially of his soil, will delight your taste buds and will satisfy the most greedy ones.
Here, we prefer fresh and local products, from the land and the sea.

If you like fish, you’ll love it! And what must not be missed is of course the octopus, the specialty of Rodrigues.

Half of the Rodrigues are fishermen! The fish has its feast, the 1st of March: the very popular opening of the “fishing with the Senne”, a practice in ancestral lagoon (and green!), On canoes, with large nets.

The other important marine resource is ourite, an octopus that you will surely dry on pickets in the sun as you discover the island. Traditionally dedicated to women, “the stitcher of ourites”, fishing for the latter is practiced feet in the water using a harpoon. This technique requires an informed eye because is not stitching hem the first lucky came … The cheese is delicious in salad or cooked in “rougail”, stew or curry.

To protect the lagoon, angling is regulated: prohibited from mid-August to mid-October to allow the species to reproduce and continue to feed the island.

The Rodrigues also love the darlings (otherwise called cristophine in the Caribbean). Mangoes, papayas, silts (small endemic lemons) adorn salad dishes as well as pickles (in the form of candied condiments).

Finally the desserts are based on coconut, papaya and mango again or honey, because the island produces excellent.

Rodriguan cuisine is distinguished by the systematic use of local products. The cuisine is less spicy than Mauritius, because almost without Indian influence.

A tasting of Rodriguan flavors would propose in its traditional version: pureed corn, which for a long time was the basis of food, but which is gradually supplanted by rice; a rougail of ourites (octopus), a bred broth and red beans. All accompanied by succulent peppers silt, masavarou, mango or other …

The other great Rodriguaise specialty is due to the long occupation of the British. These, deprived of bacon during the war, taught the Rodrigues to prepare pork in general and ham in particular. The Rodriguan sausage that you will find offered on makeshift barbecues along the roads is SUCCULENT. For the aperitif we did not invent better!

Finally, taste the small limons (lemons), which made the reputation of the island; salad of grated green papaya salad, which is usually eaten at the beginning of a meal, and desserts prepared with sweet potato. Without forgetting the Rodriguan pie, a sweet preparation made with cinnamon, coconut or confit papaya. It is found at the market of Port Mathurin, but unfortunately, almost never the menus of restaurants.

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You have to taste local beverages, such as tamarind juice, alouda: vanilla flavored milk thickened by a local tapioca, and especially coconut water.

The coffee is pretty good thanks to the local plantations of arabica, and yes, Rodrigues has its local coffee (nothing to do with brown coffee).

The tea is also delicious, quite full-bodied and often vanilla. It is produced mainly in Bois Chéri, in the south of Mauritius.

Several rums are distilled in Mauritius. They are of very good quality. The Green Island is one of the most popular. The White Diamond is more popular in Rodrigues.

Beer is king in Rodrigues, especially the Phoenix. We also find the Blue Marlin, sweet and pleasant. These beers are produced at the Mauritian brewery in Phoenix.

Local dishes

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In Rodrigues, ourit is savored in all the sauces, as well in daube as in curry and vindaye.

Fished on foot by the sun at sunrise, the famous shellfish is then cooked with onion, parsley, lemon, green pepper, coriander and oil. This gives a tasty salad of ourites.

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Rougaille is a classic of Rodriguan cuisine. This dish made from tomato sauce, sausages or fish is probably the most popular specialty of locals. It is served with white rice, legumes, and often adorned with its achart or satini apple of love.


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Exotic desserts lovers, try the famous Rodriguaise pie, a sweet pie made from cinnamon and candied papaya or coconut.

Corn pudding is the perfect Rodrigues dessert. How not to succumb to its sweet and pleasant flavor. Scented with coconut and vanilla, the corn pudding is served cold.

The potato cake
This is a sweet potato cake flavored with vanilla and coconut. This is the favorite cake of the Rodriguans!

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More local dishes to discover...

The Kono-Kono salad

Although it is now rare, Kono-Kono is a full-fledged member of Rodrigues gastronomy. This marine shell is very popular with locals and can be enjoyed as a salad or curry. Embellished with a vinaigrette, salad, fresh ginger and lemon juice it will reveal all its flavors.

The Puris Dholl

Typical dish of street food in Rodrigues, Dholl puris is a kind of pancake or salty crepe garnished with chatini and curry. It is in some ways the equivalent of the sandwich on the island, since it is enjoyed here on the go and at any time of the day. Taste Dholl puris is simply a must during a trip to Rodrigues.

The chicken curry

Can not talk about Creole cuisine without talking about the famous chicken curry. Typical and succulent dish. Chicken is the most consumed meat in Rodrigues, and many people have their own hen house. This partly explains the popularity of the chicken curry, a traditional Rodriguan dish usually cooked by the old ones with chicken, masala, tomato, onion, garlic, and other ingredients kept secret.

The chili cake

The chilli cake is a kind of salted donut made from crushed split peas. It incorporates spices and herbs and a little spice or not.

It is ideally tepid at any time of the day.